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We specialize in Spokane Drone Video and Photography marketing to enhance your marketing strategy and provides you with an undeniable edge.

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Spokane Drone Video and Photography is our Business

My love of drones, sUAS, started when I when I first took to the sky as a profession in 1998 as a Rotary Wing Aviator for the United States Army. Seeing the world from a striking view only seen by a fraction of the world’s population put me in awe of all things aviation. After leaving the Army in 2006, I was inspired to bring the aerial perspective to the marketplace. In 2015, I applied for and was granted a Section 333 exemption to bring drones to the marketplace. At Rees Aerials, my team and I share this belief in the impact of bringing an eye to the sky. We see Spokane Drone Photography as a next level video marketing tactic that offers a unique and memorable look at your commercial, residential or agricultural property.

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    FAA Pilots

    We currently have four Commercial Pilots on staff to fly our missions, combining for over 90 years of both military and commercial flight experience. We have recently added pilots possessing private pilot and Part 107 remote pilot licenses as well.

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    FAA Approved

    Without a pilot at the flight controls of the operating drone, you are NOT legal. The FAA requires that all operators be current FAA certificated pilots. It is not enough to have a drone, an FAA 333 exemption, or the desire to fly…

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    Advanced Aerial Drones

    We have the best systems that the industry has produced. Our copters employ unique features, leading performance as well as being of the most advanced systems in the industry.

Our knowledge of Spokane Drone Photography, piloting, aerial videography and aerial photography has developed over a combined 90 years military and commercial flight experience. Feel free to send us a message, view our portfolio, like us on Facebook or give us a call with any questions.