An Engineering Revolution

Utilizing Precision Drones

Value Added

“We find that potential applications from this tool complement many of our existing services and in many cases provide a more cost-effective way to provide projects.”

Christian Stallings - McKim & Creed

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The Value Added Benefit to utilizing UAVs

“In the past, engineers would have to physically walk the route to gather those precise measurements and data. Using UAVs allowed us to do our job safer, more efficiently and significantly faster, saving our client time and money.” – Steven Santovasi, Burns & McDonnell

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    DEMs are an asset in a variety of both commercial and public business and management fields within telecommunications, navigation, energy, disaster management, transportation, weather, geodesy, land, engineering and many other sectors.

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    An orthophoto is a uniform-scale photograph. It is a photographic map. Since it has a uniform scale, it is possible to measure directly on it like other maps. They may serve as a base map onto which other map information can be overlaid.

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    3D MODEL

    Producing high resolution, geo based 3D models of construction sites, existing buildings and future projects.

geospatial data to support
your engineering project


Accurate and detailed geospatial information is a key element of civil engineering projects. Typically engineers are reliant on expensive and difficult to plan manned systems to conduct aerial photography or LiDAR mission or labor intensive ground based collection using RTK GPS or total stations. Rees Aerials’ professional unmanned aerial systems provide engineers unprecedented access to geospatial data which will support their projects from inception, through construction phase to conducting as-builts.