Why Drones Help Real Estate Sales Soar

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The Real Estate Marketing revolution has begun. Are you giving your clients the best on-line presence?

There is no doubt that your competition is using drones, or sUAS, to market their homes and attract potential buyers. The simple fact of the matter is that 90% of home buyers start their search on-line. You already know this, so you probably marketing key properties with an ad campaign. What you are marketing could be the difference between spending money for exposure, or spending money for sales.

When you decide to use Rees Aerials, we are going to provide you with imagery and video that will stand out from your competition. What that means for you is this… More people are going to pick up the phone and call. Your advertising budget is finite; shouldn’t you be spending it in a way that is actually going to lead to closing the property and moving on to the next home?

We provide video that capitalizes on the views that your client bought their house for in the first place. Whether that be a water front property with access to river or lake, or stunning views of the area that Spokane has to offer. Rees Aerials will show the buyer, first hand, why THIS property should be their next home. Exterior views only demonstrate a portion of your clients investment. We will utilize professional photographers and videographers to move to the interior of the home to provide a one stop, seamless, view of the property.

Video converts into potential clients converting. That is a fact. We are not talking about the Tour Factory type of video that simply takes a video, pans across and image, and calls it a video. We are talking about professional video that highlights both the interior and exterior features of your property to bring buyers to the table.