Rees Aerials now has the authority to operate under a part 333 exception of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012

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Rees Aerials now has the authority to operate under a part 333 exception of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 or under the newly enacted Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations (FAA Part 107).

What does this mean for clients? Flexibility. Soon, if not already, marketing outlets will be inundated with fancy sales pitches and promises from newly minted “Remote Pilots”. These promises are going to come from folks who have taken the test with the FAA to operate a commercial operation legally.  Although this is a huge leap forward in ensuring that drones, or Small Unmanned Aircraft (sUAS) can operate safely, it is by no means a guarantee that you are hiring a competent and professional pilot.  The parallel that I will draw is this: your child studies hard to pass his/her driver’s license test at the license branch.  As a parent, you still have reservations about turning your child loose with a car for good reason.  It’s called inexperience.  The difference here is this, the license bureau actually has an employee go out and ensure that your child can actually drive the car on the roadway safely before they issue the license.  That is not the case with the new “Remote Pilot” license.  These operators have studied hard to pass the test, but have not had to demonstrate an actual proficiency operating the aircraft.  This can put people and property at risk. 

At Rees Aerials, we will remain a leader in this industry and employ only professional aircraft pilots who have experience actually flying an aircraft in the national airspace. In addition to having experienced, professional aviators, you get the added benefit having an FAA safety representative at your disposal in the company’s founder… Robert Rees. FAASTeam profile.

As Lead Representative for the FAASTeam is Spokane, Washington, Mr. Rees brings two decades of helicopter operations experience and several years of drone experience to the FAA. The FAASTeam is the FAA’s safety and outreach arm with the sole purpose of educating the public on the safe operation of all types of aircraft.  Mr. Rees engages in this activity within several areas of expertise: sUAS Integration, sUAS Safety and Helicopter Operations.  Because Mr. Rees is both a business owner and a representative for the FAA, Rees Aerials brings an unmatched resume of experience and confidence to all of our operations and you can rest easy knowing that true professionals are conducting aircraft operations for your marketing needs. 

If we can be of assistance to you on your next aerial media marketing campaign or commercial media project, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. You do not have to hire Rees Aerials to gain the benefit of experience. We are here to help, so call with questions, call with concerns or you can contact us to answer questions of curiosity on how this whole drone thing works.  Don’t hesitate to ask, because we are here to help.